Personal Banking

At Community Bank of Lawndale we offer:

Bank by phone, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

CBL invites you to “take care of business” the fast easy convenient way with the Automated Teller Card. This card lets you get get cash, make deposits or transfer money, anytime day or night. Make cash withdrawals at over 25,000 automated teller machines throughout the USA and Canada. Click here for a list of CBL’s ATM locations.

Debit Visa Card available for businesses and individuals to be used anywhere VISA is accepted.
Safe Deposit boxes to store your valuables and important documents. Click here for rates.
Thinking of purchasing an automobile? Click here to get CBL’s Automobile Rates.

At CBL we offer competitive rates on our CD’s and IRA’s. Click here for a list of these rates.
Saving could never be easier with these rates.

Basic Checking                                                                                                  Regular Checking
NOW Checking                                                                                                 Regular Savings
VIP Savings                                                                                                       Money Market Deposit Account
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)                                                             Certificates of Deposit
ETA (Electronic Transfer Account)                                                                  IDA (Individual Development Account)
Residential Lending Services                                                                           Home Loan Products

Personal Banking Savings and Investment Accounts


There’s no better time than today to begin saving and building your wealth for a secure tomorrow. Whether your objective is a down payment for a home, saving for that new car, for college or building up your retirement funds, our savings and investment accounts can help you achieve your goal. For added convenience, your account can be tied to your checking account for overdraft protection.

Lawndale Market Savings

This interest-bearing savings account is ideal for many savers, especially those who are starting to build wealth. There is no monthly service charge if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $400 or a monthly average of $1,000 in your Lawndale Market Savings account. If your account balance falls below both of these amounts in a given month, the monthly service charge on your Lawndale Market Savings account will be $4. The initial deposit required to open this savings account is $100. Lawndale Market Savings is available at no service charge to minors up to four years and requires an initial deposit of $25. This account allows six (6) transfers from your savings account per month; only three (3) may be payments to a third party.

Lawndale Investment Savings

This is our premium savings account. Not only do you earn higher interest in higher savings tiers, Lawndale Investment Savings gives you limited check writing and transaction privileges. Access to Lawndale Online Banking is also included. There is no monthly service charge if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $10,000 or a monthly average of $20,000 in your Lawndale Investment Savings account. If your account balance falls below both of these amounts in a given month, the monthly service charge on your Lawndale Investment Savings account will be $15. The initial deposit required to open this investment account is $100. This account allows six (6) transfers from your savings account per month, only three (3) may be payments to a third party.

Certificates of Deposit

We offer additional investment products that provide varied interest rates and maturities. You can purchase these products at any of our financial centers.

Earn competitive interest rates that are guaranteed until maturity with a Community Bank of Lawndale CD. A variety of terms is offered. Interest can be compounded, automatically deposited into your checking or savings account, or mailed to you.

Loan Services


Lines of Credit

Cash Reserve is an unsecured personal line of credit linked to your First National Bank & Trust checking account. There is a $30 annual fee for the cash reserve service. The fee will be debited from your designated checking account annually. Cash Reserve works like a credit card, but without the card, letting you write yourself a loan when you need it. As funds are needed to cover checks written, amounts in $100 increments automatically transfer to your checking account. Cash Reserve also protects you against accidental overdrafts (with available credit). Payments are automatically deducted from your checking account. You may also make payments at any First National Bank & Trust office, Community Bank of Lawndale Online Banking, or Telephone Banking Bill Payment. Cash Reserve is subject to credit approval.

Home Equity Term Loan

First Line is a home equity personal line of credit. A great way to take cash out when you need it. First Line can be used for home improvements, debt consolidation, vacation, investments, or for any purpose.


Low monthly payments
Interest rate may be tax deductible (Consult your tax advisor)
Easy access to cash by convenient free checks
No closing costs

Borrow up to 100% of property value
Interest rate as low as Prime rate minus .50%
Monthly statements
Same day pre-approval

Home Equity Term loans are also available up to 180 months with a maximum loan value of up to 100% of the current appraised value of your home.

Auto Loans

Various new and used auto loans are available at competitive rates. Apply by phone, fax, mail or in person at one of our banking centers.

Personal Banking Checking Accounts


Community Bank of Lawndale offers several personal checking options. Regardless of your checking needs, we have the account that’s right for you.

Non Interest Earning

Ultimate Free Checking

From free checks, to free unlimited ATM transactions anywhere, to free online banking—it’s the Ultimate Free Checking. Plus you get to choose a free gift!

Free Checks*
Free unlimited ATM transactions anywhere*
$50 bonus with direct deposit*
Free debit card
Free online banking
Free online bill payment
Free wire transfers
Free unlimited check writing
Free check safekeeping
Free electronic statement with check images OR $2 per month for check images with monthly statement
One box of Community Bank of Lawndale branded checks free. Other financial institutions may charge a fee for use of their ATMs. At the customer’s request, the $50 direct deposit bonus will be deposited into the checking account the business day following the first ACH direct deposit in the full amount of your payroll, pension or social security check. Ultimate Free Checking is a non-interest bearing account. Member FDIC

BounceBack Checking

Have you ever tried to open a new checking account – only to be turned down?
Try Checking from Community Bank of Lawndale If you’ve ever had a checking account
that was overdrawn when it was closed, your name may appear on a national ChexSystem list of people with past banking problems. This makes it difficult to find a bank willing to meet your needs. But you can get your credit rating back in shape. Use the tips in this document to help jump start your game plan with your new Bounce Back Checking account from Community Bank of Lawndale.

Consider Bounce Back Checking Community Bank of Lawndale has designed an account just for people who have had banking challenges in the past – and who are working to improve their credit rating. In addition to all the basic features you want from your checking account, Bounce Back Checking is affordable and provides you with tools to help you manage your account wisely.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Unlimited check writing privileges
Free VISA ® Check Card*
Check images with your monthly statement ($2.00 extra per month)
Tip sheet on balancing your checking account and avoiding extra fees
* $200 daily limit

Reasonable fees The monthly service fee is just $4.99 with direct deposit of your paycheck or other source
of regular income. If you don’t have direct deposit, the monthly fee is $6.99.

Plus, if you maintain your Bounce Back Checking account for a full year in good standing, you may request any Community Bank of Lawndale checking account.

Please refer to the Community Bank of Lawndale fee schedule for other potential charges to your account. We’re here to help The ball is in your court now, but as you work to build financial muscle, the professionals at Community Bank of Lawndale stand ready to coach you. Stop by or call any Community Bank of Lawndale financial center today to request assistance. We look forward to serving you.

Interest Earning

First Interest Checking

First Interest Checking earns interest and gives you the ability to write as many checks as you would like. No service charge is incurred when you maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,000 in checking. If your balance falls below this amounts in a given month, the monthly service charge on your First Interest Checking account will be $10. The initial deposit required to open this checking account is just $50.

First Advantage Checking

In fifty plus years, you’ve learned a thing or two. And one thing you know is that a checking account must suit the way you like to bank. All the features you need, and plenty of added benefits that make banking as convenient as possible. First National Bank & Trust understands. Which is why we have created a comprehensive checking account that offers everything you’ll ever need…

Unlimited checking

There’s no charge for First Advantage Checking when you maintain a $100 minimum daily balance – otherwise it’s just $5 per month. Either way, you pay no per-check charges.

Free basic checks

Receive personally imprinted, basic First National Bank & Trust checks at no charge. (One box per year) Estimated annual value $30

Interest paid on all balances

Earn interest on your account balance, with no minimum balance required.

Free debit/ATM card

There are never added fees when you use your debit/ATM Card at a Community Bank of Lawndale ATM. And, we won’t charge you when you use another bank’s ATM! Plus, use your card instead of writing a check or paying cash at thousands of merchant locations, and the funds will come directly from your checking account.

Free Internet banking & online bill pay

Visit to check the status of your account. View up-to-the-minute account balances, transfer funds between accounts and more.

Free telephone banking
Enjoy secure, convenient banking
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No-fee traveler’s checks & official checks

Get unlimited fee-free traveler’s checks and up to two fee-free official checks per month. Estimated annual value $25

No closing costs on a home equity line of credit

Open a low-interest home equity line of credit for home improvements, education, or any other good reason, and we’ll waive all closing costs. Property and flood insurance may be required. Estimated value $350

Waived application fee on adjustable rate mortgages (ARM)

Ready to finance a new home? We’ll waive yourapplication fee on an ARM. Estimated value $95

$5,000 travel accidental death insurance

You’re protected every time you travel by automobile or licensed common carrier (scheduled airline, bus, taxi and train). Estimated annual value $15

Local & national dining savings

Save up to 50% at hundreds of dining establishments ranging from upscale restaurants to casual family eateries. Estimated annual value over $100

Hotel discounts

Save up to 50% at more than 15,000 hotels worldwide. Enjoy easy online access or use our printed directory to find discounts at Hilton, Sheraton, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Ramada and more! Estimated annual value over $80

Additional travel & recreation discounts

Enjoy preferred rates on condo rentals and save 10-25% on car and RV rentals. Take advantage of discounts on golf and ski packages, theme park admissions, sporting event tickets and more.
Estimated annual value over $275

Local & online shopping discounts

Enjoy discounts from local and online retailers. Save on clothing, electronics, jewelry, books and much more! Estimated annual value over $50

Local services discounts

Save up to 50% on professional services such as dry cleaning, business services, photography, house cleaning, lawn care, home security and automotive services. Estimated annual value $30

Payment card & personal ID theft protection

If you ever lose a registered card, simply call our 24-hour toll-free number, and all your card issuers will be notified for you. Should you become an identity theft victim, you are eligible for up to $1,000 reimbursement in direct identity recovery costs. Estimated annual value $30

Joining is easy

Visit any Community Bank of Lawndale financial center and meet with an associate to learn more. We’ll answer your questions and help you open an account that fits your banking and lifestyle needs. Online access to membership benefits. As a member of First Advantage Checking or First Advantage Gold Checking, you receive a membership card with your member benefits number. This card allows you to access all your membership benefits through

Satisfaction guaranteed

Open a First Advantage Gold checking account today. If you are not completely satisfied in 30 days, we will gladly switch you to another First National Bank & Trust account and refund your membership
fee – no questions asked.

First Advantage GOLD Checking

Receive all the benefits of First Advantage Checking plus these
additional services – for only $4 per month.

Free checks – any style

Receive any style of personally imprinted Community Bank of Lawndale checks at no charge. (One box per year) Estimated annual value $40

$25,000 travel accidental death insurance

First Advantage Gold members are covered by an additional $20,000 Travel Accidental Death Insurance. ($25,000 total coverage)
Estimated annual value $35

Pharmacy savings program

Use your prescription discount card at more than 57,000 participating local pharmacies. Or use the mail order pharmacy service for additional savings and convenience! Estimated annual value over $100

Vision savings program

Save up to 60% on eyeglasses and contact lenses at thousands of retail optical locations nationwide and by mail. You can also receive discounted medical eye examinations and save up to 25% on surgical procedures, including LASIK. Estimated annual value over $50

Hearing savings program

Save 15% on more than 70 models of hearing aids through a nationwide network of hearing care offices. Purchases are backed by the BelCare™ program, which includes free inspections, cleanings and adjustments. Estimated annual value over $25

Travel assistance services

Travel with the peace of mind that emergency help is a phone call away. Access emergency cash and assistance with lost/stolen luggage or travel documents. Estimated annual value $30

* Other banks may impose a surcharge at non-Communiy Bank of Lawndale ATMs.

Community Hero Checking

You deserve a hero’s welcome. If you are a current or retired member of the military, police officer, firefighter, rescue worker, medical personnel or teacher, our Community Hero Checking account is designed just for you.

It’s our way of saying thank you for everything you do.

Introducing Community Hero Checking:

Community Hero
Unlimited check writing
No monthly fee
Interest paid
One order free checks per year
Free Internet banking
Free debit card transactions at ATMs anywhere*
$700 overdraft protection limit
We invite you to sign up for Community
Hero Checking today. Because we never
forget who’s first.

*Other banks may impose a surcharge at non-FNBT ATMs.

Ordering Your Checks

Now you can reorder your current checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you’ll be walked through the reordering process. If you need to make any changes on your checks (information or design), please stop by any one of our locations and we will be happy to help you with your order. Also feel free to visit Deluxe online at


For your convenience, your checking and other personal accounts will appear together on a single monthly statement.

Additional Account Information & Access

Information on your entire banking relationship, both deposits and loans, is available to you 24 hours a day with Community Bank of Lawndale Online Banking. Its Bill Payment feature allows you to pay bills online with a click of your mouse. You can also obtain information about your accounts anytime by simply using Telephone Banking. For a brochure, please click here.

If you’d like to access your checking funds without writing a check, you’ll want to obtain a First Choice Check/ATM Debit Card. This one card serves a dual purpose. Use it as a check card and the money is automatically deducted from your checking account. Or use it as an ATM card to withdraw money from your checking account. The First Choice Check/ATM Debit Card is available with any Community Bank of Lawndale checking account, and each type of checking account allows an unlimited number of First Choice Check/ATM Debit Card transactions.

Community Bank of Lawndale offers a wide variety of checking options, savings and investment accounts, and other investments. You’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Personal Banking Electronic Services

„€First eStatement

Take advantage of the latest in Internet technology! Community Bank of Lawndale’s First eStatement provides you the benefit of viewing your monthly bank statement via the Internet . You will receive an e-mail notification that your electronic statement is ready to be viewed the day after your statement cycle ends. You can retrieve your statement at any time from a secure connection using your username and password. You will also be able to view statements two months prior.

First eStatements are free of charge…so sign up today! Click here to sign up now!

Community Bank of Lawndale Online Banking

You will have the convenience of banking when you want to. That is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime you have access to the Internet, you’ll have access to your accounts. You will have the control of knowing the state of your finances. This means staying on top of your finances, and knowing at all times how you’re using your money.

Communty Bank of Lawndale Online Banking allows you to:

Access information on your accounts including account number, and balance
Make safe and secure transactions that are encrypted during transmission for privacy through a secured server
Access accounts with your user identification number and your personal identification number-both are required for your security
Pay no fees for transfers made through online banking*
Review your account summary information
Download your account information into your money management software programs
View your account and search your account history
Pay bills
Reorder checks
Transfer funds
Issue stop payments on checks
E-mail the bank with questions about your accounts
Update your address
Apply for an eStatement
Update your eStatement e-mail address and password information
View and make payments to your mortgage, home equity line, installment loan and personal credit line up to 8 p.m. EST
Schedule transfers up to 30 days in advance
*An excess activity fee applies to Money Market Accounts and Savings Accounts.


Retail Accounts

Free Online Banking

Commercial Accounts

$15.00 per month for Online Banking

Community Bank of Lawndale Online Bill Payment

When using Community Bank of Lawndale’s free Bill Payment service, you can pay all of your bills online without having to write checks, address envelopes or pay for stamps. With just a few clicks of the mouse, your bills are paid without ever going to the mailbox.

Add a merchant and pay a bill immediately
View detailed information about each merchant
View pending transactions
View Bill Payment history
Schedule payments up to 30 days in advance

Retail Accounts

Free Online Banking

Commercial Accounts

$4.00 per month and $.20 per bill payment transaction over 20 (first two statement cycles free for Bill Payment)

Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking provides access to your accounts 24 hours a day. You may verify balances, find out if checks have cleared, transfer funds between accounts, place a stop-payment order, find out current loan balances and more.


Retail Accounts

Free Telephone Banking

Commercial Accounts

Free Telephone Banking

Check Card/ATM Card

With a First Choice VISA Check/ATM Debit Card, you get (2) cards in one. Use it when you want to write a check from your primary checking account, or use it when you want to get cash, transfer funds, or do balance inquiries at any Community Bank of Lawndale ATM machine.